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How To Achieve The Look of Hampton Style Homes?

Real State

There are some things about American life that Australians like to adapt. Black Friday sales, Southern cuisine, and Netflix binging among them. And in the more recent years, Aussies have also welcomed the single story Hampton style homes.

Originating in beachside homes of the most elite New Yorkers, Hampton open plan acreage house plans have proved timeless, inspiring designers for years and are now synonymous with the Aussie beach lifestyle.

The Hampton Style

Perfect for the relaxed Aussie lifestyle, the Hampton style home is a delicately constructed aesthetic that boasts classical design elements that come together, giving off a bright, light and classy aura.

When executed nicely, single story Hampton style homes present a beachy and chic feeling, invoking a feeling of coolness and calmness.

Hampton Colour Palette

The major characteristic of a Hampton style home is its natural, classic and relaxing colour palettes. It is always neutral but crisp, with the main colours including creams, whites, blues, and greys to achieve that chic, coastal look. Check McCarthy Homes for more details.

And while the combination of blue and white always create that coastal feel, the Hampton style look offers richer variations of tones— from warm cream and deep navy to grey-blue and crisp white.

Hampton Exterior Details

Facades of Hampton style new homes Brisbane has today, typically offer the weatherboard cladding.  Since Hampton style boasts a hallmark look, weatherboards are the perfect solution to create those strong lines and offering the traditional coastal charm.

Meanwhile, the cladding is where gorgeous tones come in externally. Usually, you’ll see exterior cladding in muted tones like pale grey, cream or white in most single story Hampton style homes. However, if you are brave enough to go bold with your Hampton-inspired home, going with a powerful navy tone for your cladding is the best way to create a statement and coastal feel.

Regardless of the colour you choose for your cladding, the trick here is to ensure that all trimmings and finishes in your exterior are a crisp white.

Other notable features of a typical Hampton style exteriors are the gable or tile style roofing, large inviting balconies, and stone features.

Hampton Style Interior Detail

Stepping onto a Hampton style display homes Rochedale has to offer, you will notice the large, airy spaces, overwhelming natural light, and pitched roof or high loft ceilings, giving you a sense of true indoor/outdoor living.

It brings the outside in— with neutral and fresh colour palette flowing from outdoors to inside, such as timber flooring. You’ll see minimal and clean interior spaces brimming with life, thanks to the occasional splash of blue and grey tones (and even black for the braver individuals) as well as the raw textures like linen and timber.

You’ll also see unique interior designing elements including dado rails, wainscot wall panelling, sheer curtains or over windows shutters and timber flooring. Styling also includes numerous soft furnishing— throw rugs, cushions, and shaker or country-style sideboards and cupboards.

Chandeliers and statement mirrors also fill the walls, with lantern and pendant style lightings featuring glass coverings offer seamless continuity of light throughout the home. Beached themed accessories such as driftwood and nautical prints are scattered with wicker timber as the main choice for furniture.

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