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When Choosing a Commercial Property, You Need to Consider These Factors

Real Estate

Putting up a new business? Researching for a place to operate?

When looking for a commercial real estate to lease or buy, it pays to consider various factors so you can pick the perfect place to operate your new business.

Location is key

A thriving business starts with a good location. When strategically located, an establishment benefits from a massive amount of foot traffic in the area, which could be a driving force to getting that much-needed sales percentage. So, if you’re in the market for commercial properties for sale or lease, consider location as your ultimate priority.


A commercial real estate needs to be in good quality. Don’t settle for something old and dilapidated just because it is cheap. As much as possible, pick something that is a newly built or a few years old. Make sure that it is safe and passes the rules and regulations set by the Australian government in terms of building safety and sustainability. Having a sturdy and new establishment also keeps your customers feeling safe and at ease while they are in the building.


Commercial property lease options in Australia are getting bigger mainly because of the huge demands from business owners trying to fight over spaces that are perfect for their businesses. But that does not mean that you shouldn’t consider size or standards for that matter. The size of an office building, perhaps, should base on the type of business operations and the number of people you are planning to hire. For an office building, you will need a reception area, a lobby, a few office rooms, and a mini-kitchen for your staff. If it’s a store or a food stall, of course, you will need a different type of interior angle. A bar is a necessity as well as a huge kitchen for food preparation.

Housing Environment

Scout the nearby areas if the housing market sales is just as high as the commercial property sales of the locality. If your establishment is near residential areas, that would mean more potential customers. Just imagine putting up a convenience store, coffee shop, or general merchandise in a place that actually has a huge population of future buyers.


It would be a lie to say you shouldn’t consider the price when in fact it is one of the most important factors when leasing or buying a commercial real estate. Of course, the abovementioned factors highly contribute to the price tag of an establishment. But think about it. If people are willing to pay because of the features that come with it, then that would mean they are seeing its huge potential.

Researching about commercial property is crucial especially if this is your first time. It pays to consider these factors for a more informed leasing or buying decision.

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Student housing options for international students in Australia

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If you are considering studying in Australia and you have no relatives or close friends there, you don’t need to worry. The student housing Australia schools recommend to their international students are all of a great quality. You can choose from plenty of options as well.

Student One

The choices you have for student residences in Australia include on-campus choices and off-campus ones.

Schools recommend on-campus options since these are nearer your classes. These allow you to enjoy your college years without having to worry about being late for class because you have to commute.

Schools also recommend off-campus options for those who don’t want to live within school grounds but still want to be near enough for convenience.

The off-campus student housing Australia universities recommend are usually a block or two away from the school itself. This means you can either bike or walk to the school easily, without fear of being late for your classes.

Accommodation types you can choose from

Most of the universities in Australia that accept students from out of the country usually recommend quality accommodation. They have options that can help make a student’s stay memorable and conducive to studying.

These include the following choices:

Dorm-style accommodations – These are usually found on campus and come with shared rooms as well as single occupancy rooms. These have the usual set-up people can expect of school dorms, which can include a bed and study table for each student in their rooms, a common area for socializing, a common area for dining, and shared bathrooms.

1. Shared houses – Some of these are off-campus while a few can be found on-campus. These are similar to dorm-style accommodations but with the structure being more like a house rather than a building.

2. Apartment buildings – These are usually found off-campus and come with student studio apartments, one bedroom apartments, and even two bedroom units. These usually come with individual bathrooms, kitchens, and their own living areas. Before suggesting these properties by adding the units to a list of off-campus choices, universities usually inspect these first.

3. Homestay options – When it comes to student housing Australia universities allow you to stay in, you can also opt for homestay ones. A homestay option is great for international students who want to immerse themselves in Australian culture and lifestyle while they are studying in the country. The student stays as a paying guest in a home where they have their own room but will be sharing meals with the family of the house.

How to choose the right accommodation

The choices you have for your accommodation as a student in Australia can vary from one college to another. If you are looking for ACU Brisbane accommodation, for example, the school can actually provide you with a list of options based on your preferences and budget. The same goes for students who are enrolling at James Cook University, Federation University, and Central Queensland University.

Whichever school you are attending, if you are looking for quality student accommodations in Brisbane, the company to ask is Student One.

With convenient city centre locations and over 700 options for you to choose from, you can be sure to find the right housing choice for your stay as a student in the Land Down Under.

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